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3 Reasons You Pay More When You Don’t Shop Around for Car Insurance

It’s common knowledge that you can save money by shopping around for car insurance, but many people fail to do so. They either choose to remain with their existing insurance company or they opt for a national brand because they think these insurance companies are trustworthy. Unfortunately, foregoing shopping around for insurance costs you more than time.

Low and Moderate Income Drivers Charged More
The Consumer Federation of America conducted a study where they found that many people within low-income zip codes were charged more for auto insurance policies. In fact, basic insurance coverage was often priced over $500 in low and moderate income zip codes. For individuals and businesses purchasing insurance in this zip code, failing to shop around will cost you extra money on your car insurance policy.

Ignoring that Insurance Companies Rate Based on Occupation
Although many people do not know it, insurance companies may price their insurance policies based on education level and occupation. An individual with a high school education paid 41% more on their annual cost of insurance compared to an executive with the same policy, with one of the major insurance carriers. When you shop around you can avoid these practices by choosing to purchase your insurance from independent agents who get quotes for you from many different companies. 

Failing to Maximize Discounts
Although insurance companies offer very similar products, not all insurance companies are created equal. Many insurance companies offer discounts for a multitude of different scenarios for drivers, failing to maximize your discounts means you pay more for your business and auto insurance.

Do not pay more for car insurance when you do not have to in Watervliet, New York. You can call an independent insurance agent and get the best insurance for your budget, today.



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Why Minivans Are Great Options for Your Fleet

For businesses, keeping costs low is a priority in Albany, New York. Whether the focus is on labor costs or operating costs, the more money you have remaining in your business the better you are competitively. Fortunately, you can purchase minivans for your fleet to keep costs low for your business.

Minivans are Cheaper to Insure
Minivans continue to be one of the vehicles that top insurance companies’ lists of inexpensive cars to insure. A recent study showed that two Toyota Sienna minivans were the cheapest cars to insure with the average annual insurance rate of $1,111 and $1,114. Additionally, family-oriented crossovers and some SUVs were cheaper to insure than other cars. A lower annual premium makes minivans a cost saver when it comes to your business fleet.

Minivans are Fuel Efficient
Saving fuel costs for your fleet will not only help you improve your bottom line, but it will also help you go further. Fortunately, minivans have proven to be fuel efficient. With some minivans realizing ranges of 31 highway miles per gallon. With a fuel efficient minivan, you can make more business trips without venturing to the gas station.

Minivans are Safe
Safety is a big issue for many businesses. Employees responsible for conducting business transactions away from their work facilities must have reliable transportation while doing so. Minivans are notoriously safe. They provide your employees with the ability to handle and control the vehicle with ease, reducing the potential for danger when facing bumper-to-bumper traffic. Investing in a fleet of minivans will help your business reduce the costs of insurance by eliminating risks for your employee and others on the road.

Whether you are a business or an individual with a learners permit in Albany, New York, independent agents provide you with the great rates on your car insurance. Contact an agent to get the answers to your questions about the best coverage for you.
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