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Make Sure Everyone Can See at Your Halloween Party

Decorations set the tone for a Halloween party. Without dim areas, cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns just wouldn’t be the same. Decorations, however, should never create a safety hazard — no matter how good they look. If you’re hosting a Halloween party this October, we have a few suggestions that will help prevent accidents at your get-together.

Make Sure Everyone Can See

When decorating for Halloween, it’s important to make sure everyone can see. When people can’t see, they trip over objects, fall down steps and otherwise injure themselves. To reduce the likelihood of an accident, you can:

  • leave lights on in main areas, such as where food is being served
  • decorate with holiday-themed lights
  • make sure there’s nothing for people to trip over in poorly lit areas

Leaving parts of your home well-lit doesn’t need to detract from your decorations. For instance, you can add a Halloween flair to your dining area with ghost-shaped cookies and an orange cake, without dimming any lights in the area.

Make Sure You’re Insured

Even when safety is kept in mind, accidents can still happen. Before people start arriving for your party, you should make sure you’re protected with liability coverage. Often included in home insurance policies, liability coverage provides protection when you’re found responsible for a covered incident.

If you don’t have enough liability coverage, and you live in Albany, NY, contact us at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. We’ve helped many homeowners in the area find the coverage they need, and our independent insurance agents can help you find a new home insurance policy quickly. Just make sure to send us a message before your party starts, so we can get you covered in time.