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How Your Auto Insurance Will Change After a Divorce

A divorce is a difficult time. In addition to all of the emotional issues you may be facing, there will also be practical issues which must not be ignored. Many things about your life will change following  a divorce. Car insurance is one thing that will definitely change. At  NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY we can help you through this difficult time. 

Removing Your Ex

Following your divorce, you will want to make a point to remove your ex and their vehicle from your policy if you wish to keep the policy in your name. This should be done as soon as possible. When a car is being housed at a different residence, that information needs to be filed with the insurance company quickly. 

Changes to Expect

Once you have removed your ex from your policy, you will see some changes to your insurance. First, you may notice that you lose some discounts. Discounts such as multi-car and married discounts. Do not be too discouraged, because you might be able to get new discounts. If your spouse had a spotted driving record, then you might be able to get a better rate now because your driving record is good. Some insurance companies will also allow a newly divorced person to get a fresh start by removing any claims that had to do with the other driver or vehicle so that you can start over with a claim-free policy. 

Can You Afford Better Insurance Now?

Removing a car from your policy is going to lower your rate considerably. You may now be able to afford better coverage than in the past. take some time to discuss this with your insurance representative. You will want to have the maximum coverage you can possibly afford. 

Dealing with changes to your insurance policy is an important practical step you should deal with during your divorce. To learn more contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency serving Albany, NY.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Car Insurance Now

Here at the NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency serving the Albany, NY area, we want to make sure everyone is protected with auto insurance. We know how catastrophic an accident can be, and that is why we strive to provide first-class customer service to each client we serve. If you’re looking for reasons to buy auto insurance, look no further. We’ve outlined three of the best reasons to make this wise investment. 

Stay in Compliance With the Law

Driving without car insurance is against the law in most states. Driving without it can result in fines and the possibility of your driving privileges being suspended. There are some states that will take possession of your car. Purchasing insurance protects you against those who do not see the importance of auto insurance. If you get in an accident with a motorist that is uninsured, and you are not at fault, your insurance may pay to fix your damage. 

Reduce Stress and Enhance the Recovery Time With Superior Customer Service

If you are involved in an accident, having an agent’s expertise to help you through the post-accident process can save you an immense amount of time and inconvenience. If another driver is involved, your insurance agent will handle the communication with the other driver’s insurer. An agent will assist you in filing an insurance claim and can help ensure you get it settled quickly. In addition, if you have vehicle damage, an agent will help you find a repair shop.

Peace of Mind

Car insurance provides you with financial protection. Without it, you are responsible for paying for damages, car replacement and medical expenses all on your own. Car insurance allows you to move on with your life after an accident, knowing you will be financially okay. 

To learn more about the value of car insurance, contact the NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency serving the Albany, NY area.

2018 Auto Insurance FAQs

Purchasing auto insurance has never been more simple and at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency we want our clients in and around Albany, NY to know all of their options to even further simplify the process and answer the common questions associated with auto insurance in 2018. 

  • Is Auto Insurance a New York State Requirement? Yes, drivers must carry a minimum level of insurance as set by state standards. Carrying only this minimum is to protect you and other drivers from financial distress after an accident. 
  • How Much Auto Insurance Should I Carry? Minimum liability is set at $25,000 for bodily injury to one person, $50,000 total for bodily injury to all people involved, and $10,000 for property damage one accident, in addition to the no-fault accident coverage of $50,000. It would be prudential to carry the voluntary higher limits for liability and personal injury protection, the minimum amount is just that, and additional protection may save the bank after an accident.
  • What is an Assigned Risk Plan? This is a New York Automobile Insurance Plan that makes sure that consumers who cannot find an insurance company who will accept them, for whatever reason, will still be able to be legally insured. 
  • Are There any Discounts for Insurance? Yes, you may be able to receive a discount on your insurance if you take an accident prevention course, or if your car has certain safety features such as automatic seat belts, ABS, anti-theft devices, or daytime running lights. If you have a great driving record, if you are in driver training, or if you are purchasing a policy for more than one car you may qualify. Discuss these options with an agent.

Contact us at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency today to purchase a policy, or upgrade and renew your establish policy. We proudly serve Albany, NY and the surrounding areas. 

My Elderly Parent Moved In With Me: Should I Add Them to My Car Insurance Policy?

As individuals age, they may need to move in with family members. They may be unable to afford to live on their own, may be lonely living on their own, or may need help with daily activities and medical care. Moving in with their adult children can be beneficial in all of these regards. However, if you take one of your parents in, one of the questions you may have is whether you should add them to your auto insurance policy. At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, serving Albany, NY, we want to help you determine when you should and shouldn’t add them. Here is some information you should consider. 

If They Will Be Driving Your Car

The most important factor to consider when deciding whether to add an elderly family member to your car insurance policy is whether they will be driving your car or not. If they have permission to drive your cars, you should add them to your auto insurance policy. If they will never be driving your car and do not drive at all, you do not need to add them. 

What Their Driving Record Is

Another important factor to consider before adding them is what their driving record is. If they have accidents or tickets, adding them to your policy may increase your rates. If they have a poor driving record, you may need to preclude them from your policy and not allow them to drive your cars to prevent your auto insurance rates from increasing. 

When an elderly family member moves in with you, trying to decide whether to add them to your auto insurance policy or not can be challenging. At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, serving Albany, NY, we would love to help you figure it out. Contact us today and let’s sit down and discuss your auto insurance needs. 

How Do I Insure a Car I Inherited?

At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, serving the greater Albany, NY, we encounter a lot of unique situations when it comes to auto insurance. One of the more unique situations that we are asked about is insuring an inherited car. Once the owner passes away, the person who inherits the car may be unsure how to insure it or what needs to be done. Here is some information on insuring a car that was inherited. 

Insurance Coverage Ends When the Policy Owner Dies

One important thing to keep in mind is that the original car insurance policy ends the day the policy owner passes away. As such, you should never drive or move the car after this date until you obtain car insurance. Many people do not realize this and think they can keep the policy until they have time to find a new one, but this is not the case. 

Titling the Car

After the owner passes away, you will want to change the title into your name, if you have inherited the car. At the same time, you will want to obtain a new insurance policy. In order to achieve this, you will likely need to explain your situation to an insurance company, letting them know why you are trying to insure a car that is not yet titled in your name. Many will give you a limited period of time, such as 30 days, to title the car in your name after obtaining insurance. 

If you have inherited a car, you will need to insure that car, as coverage stops when the owner dies. Here at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, serving the greater Albany, NY area, we can help you get the car insurance you need. Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

3 Auto Insurance Tips Every Driver Needs to Know

As a New York driver, you’re required to have auto insurance. It can be tempting to just get the first policy that comes along, but it’s better to do a little research and really understand the coverage you’re purchasing. Here are three tips to getting the most out of your coverage:

Know Your Policy

Your policy has several parts to it. Make certain you understand your deductible (the amount you’re responsible for paying before insurance begins coverage). Typically the higher the deductible, the lower the cost of your policy. There is typically a maximum that your policy will pay out in certain situations, such as in the event of an accident or injury that you cause, which is referred to as your liability insurance. You can also purchase additional coverage, including collision insurance, which covers accidents, and comprehensive coverage, which covers other damage to your car. If you’re not familiar with your policy, you can contact an insurance agency such as NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY for information on your coverage. 

Ask Questions

The ins and outs of auto insurance can be confusing. If you’re unclear as to what your policy covers, ask questions. Make sure that you’re clear about what your policy does and doesn’t cover, and what your financial responsibility is in case of an accident. Try not to just base your decision on the premium (the amount you pay for your coverage). Take into account the actual coverage as well. 

Shop for Quotes

Don’t settle for the first quote you come across. Different companies will have different price points, so it’s in your best interest to shop around for coverage. Once of the easiest ways to shop for coverage is through an insurance agency like NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY. They work with different carriers and can help you find the best quote and coverage for your needs. 

Insurance for Customized Vehicles

Most automobile insurance packages are designed to cover cars as they were manufactured. If you need to customize your vehicle for towing, handicap access, or other reasons, how does it affect your insurance policy?

Vehicles for Towing or Plowing

Winter in Albany, NY can bring heavy snows that challenge your shoveling skills. Attaching a snow plow to the front of your heavy-duty truck can help reduce your workload and keep your property clear in storm conditions. Or you may need to attach a trailer hitch to transport equipment or tow other vehicles.

Changing the function of your vehicle may affect your automobile policy in important ways.

  • Customizations can void warranties, leaving you on the hook for repairs or replacements.
  • You may need additional policies or riders to cover specialized equipment. Contact the insurance experts at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to make sure you have enough coverage.

Modifications for Handicap Access

Disabled drivers and passengers may need customizations to comfortably enter, exit, and operate their vehicles. How does this change their automobile insurance policies?

Per the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, insurance companies are not allowed to charge higher rates to disabled drivers. They can, however, charge more for vehicles that have been heavily modified. This justifies the increased cost of replacing custom installations if an accident occurs.

When meeting with an insurance agent, bring a list of modifications you’ve done to your vehicles. This will help the agent determine what coverage you may need.

Personality Accents

Some people use their cars to express their personality. Decorative elements like spoilers, hub caps, and window tinting generally does not affect automobile insurance policies. However, performance-based modifications might change your agreement. If you redesign your car for racing, off-roading, or another unusual activity, you may not qualify for a regular passenger policy. Talk to your insurance agent about specialized policies for these types of vehicles.

Do you own a customized vehicle in the Albany, NY area? NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency will help you find the right coverage for your car, no matter how you use it.

Bundled Auto Policies: Are They Right For You?

Albany, NY residents turn to NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to cover multiple vehicles. Many are interested in bundled car policies and wonder how they work to save a family money.

The Nature Of Multi-Car Policies

People who own multiple vehicles, such as a father or a large family with multiple driving members, can typically bundle up to four cars on a single policy. Bundling will almost always save money on a policy, as insurance companies will lower the rate as a way of rewarding a customer’s loyalty. The actual rate will vary depending on multiple factors.

For example, newer and safer vehicles typically have cheaper insurance policies while older and more dangerous cars will have more expensive policies. Combining vehicles of varying ages and safety ratings will cause the rate value to increase or decrease in multiple ways.

Features That Help Decrease A Policy

Vehicles with safety features, like security alarms and anti-lock brakes, are typically less expensive to insure. This is especially true if you have a safe driving record and haven’t suffered from an accident during a calendar year. Improving a car’s safety features by installing new items can also help decrease a bundle policy price.

Other Insurance Options

Most companies will allow you to get comprehensive and collision coverage for each vehicle in your bundled package. These are crucial in case of an accident, as they can cover the cost of the replacement of each vehicle. For those who are bundling their policies with their teenage drivers, collision and comprehensive insurance can be crucial for protecting your investment.

Do You Want This Type Of Insurance?

If you are interested in this type of insurance and live in Albany, NY, please contact us at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. We will provide you with a quality policy that will save you money.

What is a Low Mileage Auto Insurance Policy?

The number of miles that you drive per year can affect your auto insurance rates. Most auto insurers consider a normal number of miles to be anywhere from 12,000 to 18,000 per year. However, not everyone drives this much. You may have multiple cars and one car doesn’t get driven as much. You may work from home. Or you may not work at all. If you drive less than 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year, you may qualify for a low mileage auto insurance policy.

A low mileage auto insurance policy is given to cars or drivers that are not driven often. However, in order to qualify for this discount, you must tell the insurance company approximately how many miles you do drive per year. They may then require you to prove this information, by having an auto shop or police officer sign off on your mileage yearly to ensure you continue to qualify.

This type of policy is a discounted policy. Those who drive less miles are at a decreased risk of being involved in an accident. As such, this minimizes the insurance company’s risk of having to pay out a claim. Because of this, they offer you the discount. However, it is important to note that not all insurance companies will offer this policy to you. Some do not offer it at all and others will only give it to you if you ask, so be sure to ask.

Have you retired? Do you stay at home with your kids? Do you telecommute to work? If so, you may want to inquire about a low mileage auto insurance policy. If you are looking for one, contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees can help you find the right policy for you.

7 Safety Tips for Driving Alone

If you must drive alone, particular in the early morning hours or at night, take precautions for your safety. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage from NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY will protect you against accidents. At the same time, you should do your part of staying safe on the road. The following tips can keep you safer when driving alone.

Keep Windows Up and Doors Locked: As much as possible, drive with windows up, and doors locked when traveling early in the morning or late at night. This discourages criminals from trying to force their way into your car.

Focus on Driving: Eliminate distractions to include the use of cell phone or iPod so you can focus fully on driving. Stay vigilant when stopping at lights, especially if you’re in an area with little traffic.

Car Pool: When possible, take advantage of a car pool to travel during early morning hours or at night. There’s safety in numbers. Having a partner or two can discourage criminals from targeting your car.

Fill Gas Tank: Make sure you have sufficient gas to get to your destination and back. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere at odd hours.

Maintain Vehicle: Keep up with vehicle maintenance and repairs to avoid unnecessary breakdowns during your night travels. This includes having your tires, fluids, and brakes checked periodically by a certified mechanic.

Keep Cell Phone Handy: Keep a fully charged cell phone with you at all times so you can call police if you’re in danger as well as stay in touch with family and friends.

Maintain Current Auto Insurance Coverage: Be sure your auto insurance is up to date and offers the protection you need.

For information on personalized auto insurance packages, contact an agent at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY.