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The Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent vs. A Captive Agent

Whether you operate a small business or a large organization, getting the most for your money is always important. Since your business needs business insurance, it makes sense to understand what options you have available when you purchase business insurance, primarily whether to purchase your insurance from an independent agent or a captive agent.

Understanding the Difference between an Independent and a Captive Agent
Many people do not recognize a difference between the companies they choose to purchase their business insurance from within Watervliet, New York. An independent insurance agent works for an agency that sells insurance products for many different insurance companies. A captive insurance agent sells limited products and services associated with only their brand. 

You Get Competitive Rates by Working with an Independent Agent
As a result of captive agents selling products and services created and priced by their business exclusively, your business doesn’t always get the best rate when you request insurance quotes. The quote you get is the established rate the company determined was fair for the product. 
Fortunately, with an independent insurance agent you get a competitive rate. Independent agents search the market for the best value for your business based on your needs. 

You Get Excellent Customer Service with an Independent Agent
For businesses, purchasing insurance means you need a working relationship with your insurance agent. Employee changes, changes affecting policy limits, and adding additional insurance products require communicating with your insurance agent on a regular basis. Independent insurance agents provide quality customer service during the sale and while maintaining your account; you are not simply an account, but a valued customer.

Ensure your business with the variety of insurance products offered by independent agents. By purchasing from them, you can get quotes, competitive rates, and quality service that lasts the duration of your working relationship.



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Home Insurance: Dealing With Car Damage On Your Property

Saratoga Springs, New York is at the top of the state and is a relatively affluent area. There are many benefits to living in the area, including a full change of seasons throughout the year. Home prices are higher than the state average, though there are many events to enjoy for residents as well.

Home insurance is important to have and it’s possible to save by shopping around. The best thing to do is not wait until there is a loss to find out if you have the necessary type of insurance on your home. If your car is hit while it is sitting on your property, you want to be confident that you can file a claim and have it covered.

Enough coverage should be purchased so you have the ability to replace what is insured. This means that you want to look at “replacement” coverage over and “actual cash value” policy. While the latter is cheaper, it could result in you not being able to repair your car as needed – and this could be a problem.

Car damage on your property can be as a result of a tree hitting your car in Saratoga Springs or even another car slamming into the back of it. You cannot anticipate what is going to happen, but you can ensure you have the right coverage on your home.

We have agents to help you with home insurance and to deal with the car damage if and when it occurs. You need to think about what is on your property at all times and then determine the coverage that will protect it all. We are here to answer questions that you may have. We can then help you to find the most affordable policy by searching for quotes from different companies.

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