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Common Mistakes When Insuring Your Business

At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we’ve seen our Albany, NY customers make too many commercial insurance mistakes to count. That’s why we’re providing you with this in-depth look at some of the most common business insurance mistakes being made today.

Lacking Proper Vandalism Insurance

Vandalism is a common problem for many businesses and one that can be hard to pay for when it occurs. As a result, it is important to purchase high-quality vandalism insurance to protect your business from this serious problem.

Business Disruption Insurance

When your business suffers from a disruption of its services, this type of coverage helps cover your expenses until you start operating again. It isn’t inexpensive to get this type of insurance, but it is necessary if something serious breaks down.

Lacking Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This type of insurance, otherwise known as EPLI, protects you from serious employment claims. For example, if your employees sue you for wrongful termination, EPLI insurance will ensure that you don’t end up paying thousands or more in a lawsuit.

Hiring Multiple Agents

Anyone who has multiple policies from many different agents is making a huge mistake. You should try to avoid this kind of behavior as it can lead to coverage gaps or cost you hundreds of dollars more every month. Concentrate your commercial insurance with one agent.

Ignoring Cyber Liability

Do you have any type of presence on the internet, such as an online store? Then you need cyber liability. Getting hacked and costing your customers serious money will put you in a difficult, and expensive legal situation. Cyber liability insurance will protect you in this instance.

Don’t Make These Mistakes!

When you work with us at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, you can get the kind of high-quality commercial insurance that your Albany, NY firm deserves. We will help you not only avoid these mistakes but others like them. Let us help you succeed.