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Drivers and Bikers: Etiquette Tips that Will Make Sharing the Road Easier

At times, it may not feel like the road is large enough for both you as a driver and bicyclists. However, there are etiquette tips that can help both of you share the road and prevent accidents. Unfortunately, accidents involving bicyclists are common and can amount to large amounts of money due to the injuries involved. Here are a few of the tips that will make sharing the road easier.

Make Sure You Are Visible

One of the best tips for both bicyclists and drivers alike is to make sure they are visible to the other party. As a bicyclist, this involves wearing reflective clothing and having lights on the bike. As a driver, this means having your headlights on in the dark and driving at a reduced speed around bicyclists so they know you are there. This may also mean making eye contact when you are both stopped at stop signs or lights, so you both are aware of each other and know what the other is doing.

Follow Traffic Laws

Another tip that will make sharing the road easier is for both parties to obey and follow traffic laws. Both parties should stay in their respective lanes, go at a consistent speed and signal when turning. These predictable behaviors help drivers know what bicyclists are doing and vice versa.

Be Respectful

Lastly, be respectful of one another. A bicycle can’t go as fast as a car, so as a driver, be prepared to slow down until you can safely pass the bicyclist. Honking or riding them won’t help them go faster. As a bicyclist, be respectful of drivers and try to swerve out of the way and let cars pass when you can. Remaining respectful helps keep the roads safe for everyone.

While these tips may help you share the road with a bicyclist, it is always best to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. When buying auto insurance, making sure you have enough insurance to protect you in case you are involved in an accident with a bicyclist. If you are looking to purchase a new auto insurance policy in Albany, NY, or simply looking for a company to review your limits and compare what you have with what they can offer you, be sure to check out NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency.


Preventing Fender Bender Fraud – 3 Tips

As anyone who has ever been involved in an auto accident will tell you, it can definitely be frustrating. But what happens when the other driver or their passengers wrongly claim damages or injuries that don’t match up with the facts of the loss?

Unfortunately, insurance fraud is quite common throughout the industry. People looking for a quick payday often target certain vehicles or individuals to ensure a fender bender happens, then overinflate their damages once the incident has occurred.

So, how can you protect yourself against fender bender fraud? Here are three tips to consider.

Tip #1: Take Down Information at the Scene

After a minor accident happens, you might be tempted to just let the other driver leave without taking down their information. It is very important that you do not do this, as the other driver could eventually come back with trumped up physical and medical damage claims in the future. Instead, get as much information as you can at the scene and even take a photo of the fact that their vehicle does not have damage. This way you already have the proof on hand if you ever need to dispute the claim.

Tip #2: Document Your Side of the Story

Another way to prevent fender bender fraud is by documenting your side of the story as soon as possible. Write down where you were, what happened, and anything the other party said. Add a time stamp by either emailing the copy to yourself or taking a cell phone photo of the paper you wrote it on. The truth never changes, and having this to back up your side is an excellent way to prove your case if the other party tries to claim something that never happened.

Tip #3: Try to Get the Police to Take a Report

In certain situations where an accident is relatively minor, it can be difficult to get a police officer to respond. However, it is very important to at least try. If an officer physically responds to the scene, the report that he or she creates acts as impartial proof of the incident. This is crucial if the other driver changes their story or tries to make the collision out to have more damage than it actually does.

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