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Difference between cancellation and non-renewal of a homeowners insurance policy in Albany, NY?

New York State has strict laws in place to protect homeowners from having their home insurance arbitrarily canceled or not renewed. Your insurance company can not leave you without coverage on your Albany-area home without first giving you proper notice.

The big difference between cancellation and non-renewal of your homeowners policy is that with the former, you must have done something wrong, while with the latter, it may simply be a choice of your insurance company.

Once your policy has been in effect for 60 days, it can not be canceled unless you violate the terms of your contractual agreement. Your policy may be subject to cancelation if you fail to pay your premium, are found to have lied or committed fraud to obtain the policy, file false claims or commit willful acts or omissions that increase the risk of the hazard or hazards that your home is insured against. Your homeowners insurance can also be canceled if you make material changes to your property that makes it uninsurable under the stated terms of your policy.

If none of these conditions have occurred, your policy may not be canceled or non-renewed for a period of three years. After that point, your insurance company can refuse to renew your policy. When your policy is subject to cancelation, it can occur at any time during the policy year. When your homeowners insurance is not renewed, it means that it will remain in effect until the date of renewal, assuming you stay current on your premium payments.

If you have a loss and file a claim, it will probably not result in a non-renewal. However, if you file three or four small claims in a year, your insurance company may deem you to be a high-risk customer and decide not to renew your policy for the upcoming year.

When you are a client of NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, you have a friend who will look out for your best interests. If you should receive a cancelation notice or a letter stating that you will not be renewed, don’t panic. As your independent agent, we can get you quotes from a number of other insurers and find you an affordable policy to protect your home.

What to Do About Insurance When Reentering the Workforce as a Retiree

Here at the NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we have a long history of helping customers from Albany, New York in all age groups with their insurance needs. An independent agent at our agency can provide advice that might just save you some money, especially if you are recently retired and then have a change in employment status. When a person retires from work, they often call their health care provider and report their new status which may lead to changes in their policy.

As a retiree, perhaps you were looking forward to paying lower premiums on your polices as you head towards your golden years. It’s not unheard of though for someone who recently retired to become bored and decide to become reemployed. If you are reentering the workforce as an employee of the federal government, it’s possible there may be options available to you for free or otherwise discounted insurance.

It is true that the United States federal government often provides health insurance for some of its employees but these programs often involve deducting money from the employee’s paycheck. It is possible that a plan through the NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency may be more cost effective than the government’s health care options.

There are a number of health plans that are built specifically for government workers. If you are part of the Albany, Saratoga Springs or Schenectady region, you owe it to yourself to stop in to the NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency today to find out how we can help you on your path back into the workforce.

What You Need to Know About Joining Your Company’s Worker’s Compensation Policy as a Leader of the Business

The Albany, Saratoga Springs and Schenectady areas of New York have been served by the NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency for years. Our agency is used to helping people from all walks of life, including those who are the owner of their own commercial business or are a partner or corporate officer within their company.

Each independent agent at our offices is professional trained on unique situations just like yours. You probably took out a worker’s compensation policy for your business because it made sense to you to have your workers covered in case something should happen while on the job.

You may be wondering though what would happen if you yourself decided that you wanted to be covered under your business’s policy. Would your monthly premium go up? Would it be affected by the amount of money that you personally bring home or would it be affected by your entire payroll?

At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we have the answers to your questions. We can’t give you all of the specific answers in this blog, as each business owner’s situation will be unique.

But if you are located in Albany or the surrounding area, you owe it to yourself and to your employees to give us a call to discuss your worker’s compensation concerns today. Chances are, we may be able to give you an overview of your entire policy and possibly save you some money, in addition to answering your specific questions about your own coverage options. To get started call us today.

Will I have to qualify before I can purchase life insurance for my small business in Albany, New York?

Depending on the type of life insurance policy you choose, you may be able to purchase a policy for your small business in Albany, New York, without needing to qualify by undergoing a medical exam. NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency can help you find a policy if you are in Albany, Schenectady or Saratoga Springs.

As an independent agency, we can help you research life insurance policies that may not require medical exams or medical information. That may be the case with a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, although those policies are typically the most expensive.

Other types of policies, such as a simplified issue life policy, may require some medical information but not an exam. Simplified issue life policies are typically less costly than guaranteed issue life insurance policies yet more expensive than those that require a medical exam to qualify. You may run into exceptions if the amount of life insurance you wish to purchase is very high, in which case an exam may be required for policies that normally would not need one.

Even if you do have to undergo a medical exam to qualify for your small business life insurance policy, the exam is typically brief and only covers basic information. A life insurance medical exam usually takes about 20 minutes, and the paramedic administering the exam can often come to your home or office so you don’t have to go to them. The paramedic may ask a few questions, check your height and weight, take blood and urine samples, and request past medical records.

To learn more about your life insurance options and their qualifications call NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency today.