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How to Respond After Witnessing an Accident

Traffic accidents happen all throughout the day. Although witnessing an accident isn’t as terrifying as being in one, the images will likely remain in your mind for a while.

If you happen to witness an accident, it’s important that you respond accordingly so that you can increase the chances of helping the victims. The following are a few things you should do after you witness an accident.

Find a Safe Place to Park

As a responsible citizen, you are inclined to help people who are in danger. Before you begin to assist any of the victims, you have to ensure that you are parked in a safe place so that you are not the victim of another accident. Experts suggest that you remain about 100 feet away from the accident to ensure you are safe.

Call 911

The quicker emergency responders get to the scene of an accident the better it will be for everyone involved in the accident. As soon as you witness an accident and you are in a safe place, you should call 911. While you are on the phone with the operator, make sure you tell him/her your name, your location, and other necessary details so that they can easily locate the accident.

Make Sure the Victims Are Safe

After contacting emergency services, you must check to ensure everyone involved in the accident is safe. You should do what you can do to move people to safety; however, never place yourself in harm’s way. If someone is trapped in a car or seriously injured in a car, you should wait for emergency personnel to assist them.

Tell Authorities What You Witnessed

By the time you’ve assisted victims of the wreck, police officers, and other emergency personnel will likely be on the scene. You shouldn’t leave before telling authorities what you’ve witnessed. In addition to telling them about the accident, you should provide them with your contact information so they will have the ability to contact you about the wreck.

NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency wants you to be safe while driving on the road. They offer many types of insurance policies to help ensure your safety on the road. If you need auto insurance, give them a call to get a quote on the best insurance for you.