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Why You Shouldn’t Increase Your Auto Insurance Deductible to Save Money

If you’ve searched the Internet to find ways to save money on your auto insurance, you’ve likely come across advice to increase your deductible. True enough, you can decrease the cost of your auto insurance by increasing your deductible in Albany, NY, but you shouldn’t do this. In most cases, our team at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency found that it’s simply not worth it.

Increasing Your Deductible Doesn’t Have a Significant Impact on Your Rate

The portion of your monthly rate that based on your deductible is a fraction of the cost of your auto insurance policy. In fact, with each deductible increase, you will save a few dollars each month in the grand scheme of things. However, you will have to pay hundreds more if you experience a loss. When it comes to increasing your deductible, the benefits don’t outweigh the costs.

With a Higher Deductible, You Are Responsible for Paying More

In Albany, NY, a higher deductible means you pay more if you experience a loss. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t consider this until it’s too late. No one wants to pay more following a car accident or the theft of their vehicle simply because they wanted to reduce their monthly rate.

You Can Save More Money Using Other Strategies

The rate you pay for your auto insurance is based on a lot of factors, not simply the amount you agree to pay for your deductible. As such, when you increase your deductible, you are only tweaking a small aspect of your auto insurance policy. There are other ways you can reduce your auto insurance rate without incurring an additional expense, including:

  • Maintaining a safe driving record

  • Avoiding speeding tickets

  • Driving a vehicle with a good safety rating

  • Avoiding accidents

When you employ multiple strategies to reduce the cost of your auto insurance, you increase your savings overall.

At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we offer a suite of competitively priced auto insurance products. If you need auto insurance or you want to compare the coverage you have with what we offer, give us a call today.



What You Should Do If Your Car Starts Sliding On Ice to Avoid an Accident

If you are involved in an auto accident, there is a good possibility that your insurance rates will rise. While you cannot prevent all auto accidents, you can prevent or reduce the likelihood you are involved in them by knowing what to do in certain scenarios. One scenario is when your car is sliding across ice in Albany, NY. Knowing what steps to take can minimize your chances of being in an accident in this scenario. NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency would like to share two tips with you on what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

Tap On Your Brakes, Don’t Slam Them

If your car begins to slide on an icy road, your first instinct may be to slam on your brakes. But this can cause your brakes to lock up, causing you to slide even more. Instead, lightly tap on your brakes to reduce your speed and eventually come to a stop.

Turn Into a Slide

When you begin to slide, you may turn your steering wheel in the opposite direction, hoping to correct the slide. However, you should always turn your wheels in the direction that the back of the car is sliding. This helps you gain control of your car so that you can slowly begin to correct the way you are sliding. If you steer in the opposite direction, you can overcorrect, causing your car to slide in the opposite direction quickly, causing an accident or even causing your car to roll.

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent all accidents. But having the right insurance coverage can ensure that an accident doesn’t turn your life upside. If you are not sure if you have enough coverage or are in the market for a new auto insurance policy in the greater Albany, NY area, give NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency a call. We would love to help you with all of your auto insurance needs.