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I left my Government job before becoming eligible for retirement. What are my options regarding my retirement contributions in Albany, New York?

When it comes to your employment there is nothing more critical than getting your retirement in order before the time comes to call it quits. The big problem that some people have is that they do not stay at one job long enough to qualify for any kind of retirement benefits. Here are some things that you can do if you find that you do not have any retirement benefits in Albany, New York.

Your Retirement Options When You Leave Your Job

  • Just because you leave a job with no pension does not mean you do not have options. One of the first things you can do is participate in the 401k program. Most companies have a matching plan that you can have to save money for retirement.
  • Look into whether you are eligible to buy company stock. Some companies allow their people to buy general stock at a discounted rate.
  • Get a life insurance policy that builds cash value. This can give your family and yourself the peace of mind knowing that your funeral expenses are taken care of.
  • You can also look into opening an IRA account for future retirement expenses. An IRA gives you a pretax contribution option to grow your money.

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to build for your retirement once you have left your job. If you have any questions about your insurance needs, then you need to contact your independent agent today. As your agent we can help answer your questions and help you get the coverage you need for when you are ready to retire from being in the work force.

What are the notice requirements for cancellation or non-renewal of a commercial insurance policy by an insurer in Albany, New York?

Just like your auto insurance company in Albany, New York must provide you with notice before they can cancel or choose not to renew your policy, the same holds true for your commercial insurance policy. If you have a business in Saratoga Springs or Schenectady and buy commercial insurance, you can not be denied renewal, or canceled, without first receiving proper notice.

The notification requirements for cancelation are different that the notification requirements for non-renewal of your commercial insurance policy. With cancellation, there are different requirements for policies that have been in effect for 60 days or less and for those policies that have been in effect for more than 60 days.

If your policy has been in effect for 60 days or less, your insurance provider must give you at least 30 days notice before the effective date of cancellation. In certain cases, proper notice may be 15 days or more.

The time may be reduced for notice of cancelation to only 15 days if the reason for cancelation is that you did not pay your premium. Before canceling your policy, your insurer must first notify you that there is a balance due on your premium payment. A second reason for the reduction in the notice time can be if you are convicted of a crime that changes the hazard that you are insured against. You can also be subject to a shorter notification period if fraud or material misrepresentation is discovered either while obtaining a policy or filing a claim on the policy.

For policies in effect for more than 60 days, the general rule is that your insurance provider must give you at least 15 days of notice.

Non-Renewal notification requirements are at least as long or longer than they are when your insurance is canceled. Notice must be at least 60 days, but not longer than 120 days before the expiration date of your policy.

If you would like to learn more about the reasons that your policy can be canceled or proper notification requirements, please give us a call. An independent agent can go over your individual situation and help you acquire, keep and maintain the coverage you need for your business.

My home insurance company in Albany, New York issued a cancellation notice due to unpaid bills. Can I reinstate my policy after the cancellation date if I pay?

If your home insurance company in Albany, New York has issued a cancellation notice due to unpaid bills, you should still be able to pay the past due amount and reinstate your homeowners insurance. Sometimes families have a difficult time paying bills due to a reduction in hours at work or other expenses. If you have missed your home insurance payment, contact your provider and attempt to make a payment arrangement.

In Saratoga Springs or Schenectady, even if the insurance provider must issue a cancelation notice, many companies will try to work with the homeowner to provide coverage. An independent agent can also help to work with the provider to make the payment arrangement or look for new quotes and rates and find a more affordable policy. When living in Albany, New York, homeowners need to protect the structure of the home and personal possessions. It may be possible to find a less expensive policy that still provides the protection you need for all of the items in your home.

As an independent agent we can help homeowners determine the amount of coverage they need and compare rates with several providers to find the best deal. You do not want to let your homeowners insurance lapse and paying the bills on time is essential. So even if you have received a cancelation notice, don’t worry. First contact an agent, then work with a provider to reinstate the policy and make sure you and your family are protected.

Is a Driver in Albany, New York Required to Notify the Auto Insurance Company if he has had a Stroke and is Still Driving?

When a driver in Albany, New York goes through a stroke, it can have an impact on his ability to drive. A stroke has an impact on the brain, which means that it can increase the risk of accidents, even if an individual is still able to move the body easily.

Potential Risks

The risks of operating a car after a stroke are primarily related to the possibility of an accident. The brain may be damaged, which slows down reaction times and makes it harder to react appropriately when another driver is acting a reckless manner.

Even if reaction times are not slowed, the body may not be able to move appropriately. Driving a car after a stroke may put your life and the life of other drivers at risk.

Notifying the Company

Although the situation may not impact driving skills, it is still important to notify the insurance company if you are still driving. The reason is simple: you have a higher risk of having a stroke in the future and you are more likely to get into an accident due to the damage to your brain. Even a small stroke can have a dramatic impact on your brain and your ability to function.

It is important to notify the auto insurance company whenever major medical situations occur because it can put you and others at risk.

Insurers want to know about medical conditions if you are still capable of driving because it helps evaluate the amount of risk and helps them determine if your coverage is appropriate. To learn more about the coverage options and the impact of medical conditions on your policy, contact us to speak to an independent agent today.