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My home insurance company in Albany, New York issued a cancellation notice due to unpaid bills. Can I reinstate my policy after the cancellation date if I pay?

If your home insurance company in Albany, New York has issued a cancellation notice due to unpaid bills, you should still be able to pay the past due amount and reinstate your homeowners insurance. Sometimes families have a difficult time paying bills due to a reduction in hours at work or other expenses. If you have missed your home insurance payment, contact your provider and attempt to make a payment arrangement.

In Saratoga Springs or Schenectady, even if the insurance provider must issue a cancelation notice, many companies will try to work with the homeowner to provide coverage. An independent agent can also help to work with the provider to make the payment arrangement or look for new quotes and rates and find a more affordable policy. When living in Albany, New York, homeowners need to protect the structure of the home and personal possessions. It may be possible to find a less expensive policy that still provides the protection you need for all of the items in your home.

As an independent agent we can help homeowners determine the amount of coverage they need and compare rates with several providers to find the best deal. You do not want to let your homeowners insurance lapse and paying the bills on time is essential. So even if you have received a cancelation notice, don’t worry. First contact an agent, then work with a provider to reinstate the policy and make sure you and your family are protected.