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Is a Driver in Albany, New York Required to Notify the Auto Insurance Company if he has had a Stroke and is Still Driving?

When a driver in Albany, New York goes through a stroke, it can have an impact on his ability to drive. A stroke has an impact on the brain, which means that it can increase the risk of accidents, even if an individual is still able to move the body easily.

Potential Risks

The risks of operating a car after a stroke are primarily related to the possibility of an accident. The brain may be damaged, which slows down reaction times and makes it harder to react appropriately when another driver is acting a reckless manner.

Even if reaction times are not slowed, the body may not be able to move appropriately. Driving a car after a stroke may put your life and the life of other drivers at risk.

Notifying the Company

Although the situation may not impact driving skills, it is still important to notify the insurance company if you are still driving. The reason is simple: you have a higher risk of having a stroke in the future and you are more likely to get into an accident due to the damage to your brain. Even a small stroke can have a dramatic impact on your brain and your ability to function.

It is important to notify the auto insurance company whenever major medical situations occur because it can put you and others at risk.

Insurers want to know about medical conditions if you are still capable of driving because it helps evaluate the amount of risk and helps them determine if your coverage is appropriate. To learn more about the coverage options and the impact of medical conditions on your policy, contact us to speak to an independent agent today.