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Bundled Auto Policies: Are They Right For You?

Albany, NY residents turn to NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to cover multiple vehicles. Many are interested in bundled car policies and wonder how they work to save a family money.

The Nature Of Multi-Car Policies

People who own multiple vehicles, such as a father or a large family with multiple driving members, can typically bundle up to four cars on a single policy. Bundling will almost always save money on a policy, as insurance companies will lower the rate as a way of rewarding a customer’s loyalty. The actual rate will vary depending on multiple factors.

For example, newer and safer vehicles typically have cheaper insurance policies while older and more dangerous cars will have more expensive policies. Combining vehicles of varying ages and safety ratings will cause the rate value to increase or decrease in multiple ways.

Features That Help Decrease A Policy

Vehicles with safety features, like security alarms and anti-lock brakes, are typically less expensive to insure. This is especially true if you have a safe driving record and haven’t suffered from an accident during a calendar year. Improving a car’s safety features by installing new items can also help decrease a bundle policy price.

Other Insurance Options

Most companies will allow you to get comprehensive and collision coverage for each vehicle in your bundled package. These are crucial in case of an accident, as they can cover the cost of the replacement of each vehicle. For those who are bundling their policies with their teenage drivers, collision and comprehensive insurance can be crucial for protecting your investment.

Do You Want This Type Of Insurance?

If you are interested in this type of insurance and live in Albany, NY, please contact us at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. We will provide you with a quality policy that will save you money.

How Does Retirement Insurance Work?

Many people work with one company throughout their entire professional life, and one of the many benefits of this career path is the inclusion in their employer’s retirement plan and pension. Retirement insurance, the coverage additional to Social Security, is mainly associated with employment of one’s own or a spouse. Retirement insurance is one part of total insurance coverage that must be thoroughly understood and considered prior to the actual day of retirement. The insurance professionals at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency are here to help our clients in the greater Albany, NY area understands it all. 

In addition to retirement, divorce and death of a spouse are the two most impactful events on retirement plans and insurance. It is unwise to assume that all claims to Retirement Insurance as null and void in the event of divorce. It is different in every case, and the main deciding factor is the length of the marriage. If the marriage spans decades and is ended close to retirement age, it is possible that the spouse may have a claim for the benefits of the Retirement Insurance. If the marriage has lasted one or two years, it is a lot less likely that the former spouse will be able to claim any of the benefits. 

Retirement Insurance can make a very large difference in the way that retirement is spent and how stable and secure it will be. As each case is different, it is important to meet with an insurance professional to understand what your benefits are and how to use them.

If you are located in the Albany, NY area and have questions, contact us at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to learn more about how we can help you to better understand how Retirement Insurance will affect you.