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Will my Albany, New York insurance company cover my personal belongings when I am travelling in a foreign country?

In most cases your insurance company in Albany, New York will cover your personal belongings when you travel to a foreign country. All homeowners should have home insurance that protects belongings owned by the family. When you travel overseas or to a foreign country, there is chance you might loose your luggage, your laptop, or even your cell phone. If these items are covered under your homeowners policy, you should be able to replace them quickly.

An independent agent is a professional who can explain homeowners insurance coverage and help you to compare rates and quotes for several different providers. If you travel often and you are worried about protecting your belongings, make sure your policy covers these types of accidents. Whether you live in Saratoga Springs or Schenectady, purchasing a quality homeowners insurance plan is important. Often when people travel they take their electronics, jewelry, and other expensive items. If you are a victim of theft or an accident, you will want to replace the items and get on with your vacation or business trip.

When choosing insurance coverage in Albany, New York think about the items you need to insure. You will probably want to take an inventory of all of your precious possessions and even take pictures or video of the items. If you need to make a claim when you are at home or in a foreign country, documentation will help the process go quickly. Your independent agent can give you some tips about how to inventory your home and make sure you have enough homeowner insurance protection. We are here and ready to help you today.

Are the Passengers in my Car Insured Even Though They are not Listed on the Insurance Policy in Albany, New York?

Auto insurance policies in Albany, New York focus on the drivers of the vehicle, not the passengers. Any passengers in the vehicle are usually covered under a policy, even if they are not listed as potential drivers. Although the details of any policy may vary slightly, passengers are usually given a certain amount of medical coverage in case an accident occurs and they are injured.

People Listed in a Policy

In most cases, passengers are not listed on policies because they are not operating the vehicle. The only people listed with the company are the individuals who drive the car. That means children, friends and other individuals in the back seat or passenger seat are protected under a basic plan.

Amount of Protection

The details of a specific plan and the amount of protection provided may vary. The best way to determine how much protection is available for children and guests in the vehicle is by looking through the details of your current plan. The plan will tell when there are exceptions, how much protection to expect and the amount of medical coverage that is available.

Read through the policy to determine the exact amount of protection each individual is offered as well as the maximum amount that is available for an accident. Even a basic plan will have some protection for the driver and passengers of a vehicle.

An auto insurance policy will usually offer protection for every individual in the car, even if they are not old enough to drive or are not listed as potential drivers under the policy. To learn more about the type of situations that are covered, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

Are we Legally Required to Notify our Insurance Company in Albany, New York if our 22-year-old Son Who is on our Car Insurance Policy Gets a DUI Charge?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense. It puts lives at risk and is a primary cause of accidents each year. When an adult child is charged with a DUI, it is important to notify the auto insurance company about the charges.

Liability and Risks

A key reason that it is important to notify the insurer in Albany, New York is the amount of risk involved. If the company is not informed that a 22-year-old son was charged with drinking and driving, then they are legally allowed to refuse payment if an accident occurs in the future.

Refusing to inform the insurer may result in losing the policy. In general, it is better to explain the situation than to take the risk that the insurer will drop the policy in the future.

Changes to the Policy

After informing the insurer about the situation, the cost of coverage and the details in the policy may change. The risks increase when a driver under the plan is charged with a DUI because it means that the driver is more likely to get into an accident. The car may not be covered if the accident is caused by a similar incident.

If the charges are dropped or the young adult is proven innocent, then it may be possible to retain the same coverage and plan.

It is tempting to avoid the situation when a young adult makes a mistake, but the consequences of avoiding the situation may result in more severe complications in the future. To learn more about the possible solutions that are available after a DUI charge, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.

Will I have to take out a different type of insurance depending on whether I buy a new or a used car in Albany, NY?

When you drive a car in New York, you need some type of auto insurance. The law requires that everyone have at least the state minimum auto insurance coverage, but you may want or need to carry more comprehensive coverage. You can easily work with your NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency agent to work out additional coverage that will provide even more protection than the law requires.

If you buy and finance a new car, the finance company will require you to take out additional auto insurance. Technically, you do not own your car until you finish making all the payments. If you should get in to an accident and cause substantial damage or total your vehicle, the finance company does not want to suffer a loss. They will insist that you carry adequate collision and comprehensive coverage so the car can be repaired or the note can be paid off from the proceeds of the insurance company’s settlement check.

If you own an old car, you may need to decide whether or not it is worth paying an additional premium for collision to cover damages should you get into an accident. If, for example, your car is worth $700 and you have a $500 deductible, the most you could ever hope to collect is $200.

At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, here in Albany, New York, we have many clients who need coverage but do not want to pay high premiums. We represent many different auto insurance companies and can compare quotes to find you the best rates. Give us a call today to talk to an independent agent.