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Who Needs Commercial Insurance

If you have a business with more than one employee, you will need commercial insurance. The most important aspect of a business is keeping it running. A business can be interrupted as a result of a storm, vandalism, theft, accidents, or other harmful incidences. If your business isn’t generating revenue, your bills will not be paid and you could quickly lose everything. Get in touch with the independent insurance agents at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY. They can offer you a variety of options for your business needs.

Types of Commercial Coverage

  • Commercial Property Insurance – covers the buildings’ property that is damaged as a result of common perils, which may include fire, theft, lightning, and explosions.
  • General Liability – protects against legal actions due to bodily injury and property damages. You may be protected if a customer receives injuries as a result of negligence at your place of business or through regular business operations.
  • Worker’s Compensation – In New York, employers must maintain worker’s compensation insurance for all of their employees, including part-time workers. Worker’s compensation provides for employee’s medical treatments and a portion of lost wages if that person was injured on the job.

Other Options for Commercial Insurance

  • Errors & Omissions – also known as Professional Liability Insurance, it protects those who provide services against claims that are made for negligence or inadequate work. Such professions can be hairdressers, physicians, and lawyers.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – provides protection for companies who have vehicles that are used for their business. You will need this type of insurance if your business hauls locally or across the country.
  • Employment Practices Liability – is a good option to protect your company from a lawsuit if an employee accuses your company of civil rights violations.

The helpful experts at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency are waiting to take your call when you’re ready to search for commercial insurance. You can also stop by their offices in Albany, NY.

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Agent About Life Insurance

It is very important to get an insurance policy from a renowned company such as NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY. It not only financially secures your family after your demise, it also gives your family a degree of security to meet their financial needs regardless of what becomes of you in the future. There are some key questions you need to ask your agent in order to make a good choice from the many policies available to you. This will also help you to understand the whole process. These questions will also help you to know whether the agent in question is the ideal choice to help with your future insurance needs.

Who Do You Represent?

While some agents work for brokers that represent many insurance companies, others work for a single one. You need to get hold of some information about the company or companies you will be dealing with. You will like to know their financial rating and other information such as, recent legal or financial problems the company may have faced in the past and how long and successful they have been in business.

How Can I Meet My Long-Term Goals And How Will You Assist Me?

Your agent will assist you to choose the insurance plan that will be best for you; a whole life or term insurance policy and to further advocate the policy to benefit your family on the long run. Whether you are planning to leave an inheritance for your children or to put them through college, an agent will help you make the most beneficial decision.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing One Particular Policy Over Another?

Choosing an insurance broker such as NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency in Albany, NY that can help you find good value is very important. Your agent should be able to explain to you why one policy is better for your particular situation compared to other policies. The agent should also be able to explain how the companies your agent is working with differs from others.

In Case of Problem, Who Should I Call?

If you encounter a problem or have any questions about the policy, it is important to know how your issues will be resolved and who to call. Often you have to call a support center but you want to look for a policy where your agent is your point of contact.