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Is a Person Ever Too Old to Get Life Insurance?

Here at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we understand from a personal standpoint just how important it is to invest in life insurance. We take much pride in being able to help a number of residents living in Albany, NY and we want to help you find a life insurance policy that can best meet your needs. For now, let’s look at whether or not a person is ever too old to buy life insurance. 

What is the perfect age to buy life insurance?

Here’s the truth … the best age to buy life insurance is when a baby is one day old. The younger and healthier a person is, the less expensive their life insurance premium amounts are going to be. And while many people don’t think about buying life insurance on a baby because the child does not provide any type of income, what they fail to realize is that buying a policy for the baby is an excellent way to provide financial protection for the future grandkids. Wouldn’t you have really appreciated it if your parents had purchased a policy for you when you were a baby and the rates were locked in? 

Is a person ever too old to get life insurance?

No, a person is never too old to get life insurance, but the longer you wait to purchase it, the more expensive the monthly premium rates are going to be. Ideally, you will want to purchase it when you are as young as possible. 

To learn more about buying life insurance in Albany, NY, please contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. 

Do I Need Commercial Insurance For My Start-Up?

If you have a start-up in Albany, NY, you may be channeling a lot of your time and effort into expanding it but forgetting to protect what you already have. Start-ups need commercial insurance just as much as established businesses. They may need even more protection because most start-ups do not have the funds to pay for risks such as fires, liability claims, vandalism, or theft. Contact an insurance agency such as NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to get your new quote for commercial insurance. They will help you find the insurance commercial insurance coverage options that are able to meet your needs.

Why Your Start-Up Needs Commercial Insurance

  • To Protect You From Liability Claims

If third parties are injured in your business property or their property is damaged, the may sue you. Your business may be required to compensate them for the costs of medical charges, and repair or replacement of their property. Liability insurance coverage compensates you for those fees and any legal charges that you may incur including lost wages, and pain and suffering compensation.

  • To Protect You From Loses Due To Business Interruption

If your business is unable to maintain its normal operations because of risks such as fires, protests, or floods, you may be unable to pay your taxes, employees, and rent. If you don’t have insurance, such factors could force you to sell your assets. Business interruption insurance compensates you for the net profits you would have made and helps you to make your payments.

  • To Protect Your Business Property

Business property insurance protects your business property such as computers, machinery, furniture, and merchandise from common risks. It may also cover other people’s items that are under the care of your business. In case of insured risks, it compensates you for the repair or replacement costs.

Contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency on 518-608-5797 to get a new quote for your start-up in Albany, NY.