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Fall Checklist-Preparing the Roof, Plumbing and Lawn Equipment for Winter

Fall has finally arrived in Albany, NY, which means it’s time to get your home ready for the cold months ahead. Although fall may be a busy season for homeowners who are preparing for the New York winters, it is also the ideal time to take advantage of the mild weather to contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency about reviewing your insurance policy as well as repair any damages before the snow arrives. Here are a few ideas to help keep your home in good condition during the winter.

Check the Plumbing

Problems with the plumbing seem to always happen at the worst times, one particular time is during the winter, which seems to be a common season for plumbing problems. There are a few things you can do this fall to avoid costly plumbing repairs this winter, including:

  • Fix any minor leaks
  • Inspect and insulate pipes
  • Disconnect outdoor hoses
  • Close the shut-off valve for exterior water spigots

Check the Roof

Preparing your roof for the snow and ice should be done in the mid to late fall. Inspect the roof for any missing and/or loose shingles. Repair or replace damaged shingles as soon as possible. Check the flashing to ensure there isn’t any damage and check the gutters to make sure they are clean and clear from any leaves and other debris.

Lawn Equipment

Thoroughly clean all lawn furniture and equipment before storing it for the winter. Taking your lawn mower and other equipment in for cleaning and routine maintenance means it will be ready for you next spring. If lawn furniture is stored outside, remove all pillows, cushions and umbrellas to prevent them from getting damaged during the winter and make sure to cover furniture left outdoors with a heavy-duty tarp.

Remember to walk around the perimeter of your home and check for any cracks or crevices that may allow the cold air of winter to enter your home. Cracks, holes and crevices can also let the warm air escape, which can raise your energy costs, so caulk all openings before the winter arrives.

Fall is the perfect time for residents of Albany, NY to contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to review their current policy or to inquire about a new policy.

Driving to Canada? Prepare Your Auto Insurance First

With border states like New York and the upper seaboard states as well as the Great Lakes region, Canada is literally a neighbor next door. And there’s a lot of historic traffic that goes back and forth as people on both sides visit the other on a regular basis. The traffic is so common, many make seasonal trips on a regular basis, and have done so since childhood.

However, just because Canada is just up the road doesn’t mean a driver’s insurance coverage will automatically cover the driver and car the same way. Most auto insurance companies write their risk coverage policies for travel in the continental 48 states and the U.S. International travel can oftentimes be limited, especially if the company was not aware of driver going out of the U.S. ahead of time.

Fortunately, there are two ways to handle a cross-border drive situation. For the extremely occasional drive, a simple short-term additional policy can be the trick. For those who don’t want to pay for a more comprehensive policy but do want to drive on an upcoming trip can easily negotiate a temporary, short-term policy for time in Canada which then expires shortly after the trip is over. Most such polices are date-based, have a short duration, and cost a one-time fee to put in place; it’s a bit like traveler’s insurance for a car. The second option works better for regular visitors to Canada: inclusion of specified coverage in a standing policy. While it will cost a bit more than the same policy for domestic coverage, a driver can visit Canada regularly without worrying about an accident.

To find out about both options drivers in the Albany, NY area can receive guidance and advice from NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, experts in auto policies and how international travel applies.

Do You Have Gaps in Your Home Insurance Policy?

Many people who have homeowners insurance think that they have everything covered when it comes to their home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, even in Albany, NY. Here at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we want to make sure you are as prepared as possible, which includes getting flood and earthquake insurance.

Why You Need Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is no longer for people who live in flood prone areas. If you have been paying attention to the weather news the past few years, flooding is becoming more and more prominent across the US. This is for a number of reasons such as new construction, fewer areas for the water to go, and possible climate change. Your homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood insurance in most cases. It is typically a separate type of insurance and the benefits of it are astronomical with so much flooding. In addition to exterior flooding, there is also the possibility of a pipe bursting inside your home which can lead to major water damage. It is always best to have flood insurance.

Why You Need Earthquake Insurance

Most people who do not live in an area that is prone to earthquakes do not even bother with looking at this option. However, just like flooding, earthquakes are happening in some areas that are not expected either. While it is not as prevalent, it can happen when a large earthquake sends shocks to other land masses or areas miles away. This is also something that is not covered by home insurance but something you may want to consider, even if you on the outskirts of an earthquake prone area.

If you are interested in learning more about your options, be sure to contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency serving Albany, NY today. We will be happy to get some quotes for you to ensure you and your home are protected.