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Family in automobile

Is it legal for my independent child to be covered under my auto insurance policy in Albany, New York?

When it comes to auto insurance for young adults, the insurance rates are normally higher because young drivers are at a much greater risk of becoming involved in accidents. This becomes clear when you review the accident statistics in Albany, New York and other states across the country.

Auto insurance for young people is more costly

There’s no question that auto insurance can be a major expense for many young adults even if they’re working. You asked if it’s legal to keep a young, independent child on your policy. Your son or daughter can probably remain on your policy provided that your child is still living at home. Rather than taking out an individual policy for your teen, it’s usually cheaper to keep him, or her covered on the family policy if possible.

As your independent agent, we can help you. Before adding a child to your family insurance policy, you need some solid and informed advice about your own liability prior to changing the policy. Depending on the laws in New York State as well as how the policy is currently structured, there are potential liability issues for every family member listed on your policy in the event of an accident caused by your child. This is why it’s very important for you to contact us in order to speak with your independent agent in our Albany community so that you are fully informed.

State laws rule with auto insurance

Whether a family lives in Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, or Albany, it’s the state laws along with the provisions in your policy that govern the rules and regulations. It’s easy to find the best coverage for your budget in minutes by comparing insurance quotes with NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency online.

Does my Auto Insurance in Albany, New York Cover if I Hit a Wild Animal While Passing by a Forest?

Hitting an animal passing on the road can be more than bothersome; it can be expensive. The cost of repairing your vehicle may be covered by your auto insurance in Albany, New York, but only if your current policy provides protection against damage from animals. If you hit an animal while driving through a forest, then the options available to help pay for the damages may vary.

Type of Insurance

Before it is possible to determine the details of your policy, it is important to consider the type of coverage you purchased. If you purchased a basic liability plan, then you may not be covered for damages caused by an animal that was hit by your car.

A comprehensive plan may or may not provide protection against animal passing accidents. Every insurer is different, so the details of your current plan may vary.

Review Your Policy

If you have a comprehensive plan, then review your policy thoroughly to determine the full extent of your coverage. Read the policy and pay attention to clauses and exceptions. The clauses and exceptions will help identify if there are any problems that may result in a denial of your claim. Insurers may exclude specific animals or specific situations from the policy, so the exceptions may play a role in determining your exact coverage.

Find out what is covered and then make a claim. Since insurers have different details and plans, the options that you may have can vary.

It is important to obtain the right auto insurance for your specific needs, including the potential to hit animals when you are driving in a forested area. Contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your auto policy options.

I travel a lot and rent cars all over the world. When in Albany, NY, Do I have to buy the insurance provided by car rental company?

We’ve all been there–you’re signing on the dotted line for your rental car and you’re staring at that one extra form, the one that says "auto insurance," and wondering if you should take it or not. Visions flash through your head of every way this car could be damaged and how much the car company could sue you for when it’s all said and done. Many a driver caves in at this point and signs the insurance form, but it turns out that this is often not the right decision.

If you’re driving in Albany, New York or elsewhere in the United States and you have collision insurance, it will probably cover you in a rental car. Of course, you’ll want to check with your agent and be sure before you rent, but it is usually the case. Even if you don’t have collision insurance or your auto insurance doesn’t cover a rental car, chances are you will be paying for the rental with a credit card and that credit card may have rental car insurance, too. Again, it would be wise to check and be sure with your credit card company before renting. Only if a rental car is not covered by your auto insurance or your credit card should you pay the extra money to buy rental car insurance.

Whether in rental cars or your own personal automobile, you do not want to travel without auto insurance. If you live in Saratoga Springs, Albany, Schenectady or anywhere in New York, you can find the best deal on auto insurance by contacting NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. As your independent agent, we can get you live comparative quotes on auto insurance to get you the best deal possible.

Can I file a claim with my Albany, NY insurance company if the basement of my home suffered damage due to flood?

If you live anywhere near Albany, New York, you’re probably familiar with the flooding problems caused by the Hudson, Mohawk and Housatonic rivers. Particularly in March, these rivers crest from melt water and can cause a real nightmare for people with homes a little too close to them, or a little too low in the landscape. If your basement floods it’s only natural to wonder "will my homeowners insurance cover the damages?" Unfortunately the answer is usually no.

Most home insurance policies cover named perils, in which a flood is almost never included. Many unprepared homeowners have tried to file a claim a flood damaged their basement or living space only to be told that floods are excluded. To cover damages from a flood, you need to purchase separate flood insurance, which is obviously a good idea if you live in a flood plain. The cost of such a policy depends on the value of your home, the size of your deductible and the likelihood of a flood in your area.

The key to peace of mind as a homeowner is having the right kind of insurance for your particular location and the dangers within it. If you live in Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Albany or elsewhere in the region, you should contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. As your independent agent, we can get you comparative quotes from multiple insurers to make sure that you get the right homeowners insurance policy at the right price. If you live in a flood plain and want to get protection, call us today.