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I travel a lot and rent cars all over the world. When in Albany, NY, Do I have to buy the insurance provided by car rental company?

We’ve all been there–you’re signing on the dotted line for your rental car and you’re staring at that one extra form, the one that says "auto insurance," and wondering if you should take it or not. Visions flash through your head of every way this car could be damaged and how much the car company could sue you for when it’s all said and done. Many a driver caves in at this point and signs the insurance form, but it turns out that this is often not the right decision.

If you’re driving in Albany, New York or elsewhere in the United States and you have collision insurance, it will probably cover you in a rental car. Of course, you’ll want to check with your agent and be sure before you rent, but it is usually the case. Even if you don’t have collision insurance or your auto insurance doesn’t cover a rental car, chances are you will be paying for the rental with a credit card and that credit card may have rental car insurance, too. Again, it would be wise to check and be sure with your credit card company before renting. Only if a rental car is not covered by your auto insurance or your credit card should you pay the extra money to buy rental car insurance.

Whether in rental cars or your own personal automobile, you do not want to travel without auto insurance. If you live in Saratoga Springs, Albany, Schenectady or anywhere in New York, you can find the best deal on auto insurance by contacting NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. As your independent agent, we can get you live comparative quotes on auto insurance to get you the best deal possible.