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Does my Auto Insurance in Albany, New York Cover if I Hit a Wild Animal While Passing by a Forest?

Hitting an animal passing on the road can be more than bothersome; it can be expensive. The cost of repairing your vehicle may be covered by your auto insurance in Albany, New York, but only if your current policy provides protection against damage from animals. If you hit an animal while driving through a forest, then the options available to help pay for the damages may vary.

Type of Insurance

Before it is possible to determine the details of your policy, it is important to consider the type of coverage you purchased. If you purchased a basic liability plan, then you may not be covered for damages caused by an animal that was hit by your car.

A comprehensive plan may or may not provide protection against animal passing accidents. Every insurer is different, so the details of your current plan may vary.

Review Your Policy

If you have a comprehensive plan, then review your policy thoroughly to determine the full extent of your coverage. Read the policy and pay attention to clauses and exceptions. The clauses and exceptions will help identify if there are any problems that may result in a denial of your claim. Insurers may exclude specific animals or specific situations from the policy, so the exceptions may play a role in determining your exact coverage.

Find out what is covered and then make a claim. Since insurers have different details and plans, the options that you may have can vary.

It is important to obtain the right auto insurance for your specific needs, including the potential to hit animals when you are driving in a forested area. Contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your auto policy options.