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Can I file a claim with my Albany, NY insurance company if the basement of my home suffered damage due to flood?

If you live anywhere near Albany, New York, you’re probably familiar with the flooding problems caused by the Hudson, Mohawk and Housatonic rivers. Particularly in March, these rivers crest from melt water and can cause a real nightmare for people with homes a little too close to them, or a little too low in the landscape. If your basement floods it’s only natural to wonder "will my homeowners insurance cover the damages?" Unfortunately the answer is usually no.

Most home insurance policies cover named perils, in which a flood is almost never included. Many unprepared homeowners have tried to file a claim a flood damaged their basement or living space only to be told that floods are excluded. To cover damages from a flood, you need to purchase separate flood insurance, which is obviously a good idea if you live in a flood plain. The cost of such a policy depends on the value of your home, the size of your deductible and the likelihood of a flood in your area.

The key to peace of mind as a homeowner is having the right kind of insurance for your particular location and the dangers within it. If you live in Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Albany or elsewhere in the region, you should contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. As your independent agent, we can get you comparative quotes from multiple insurers to make sure that you get the right homeowners insurance policy at the right price. If you live in a flood plain and want to get protection, call us today.