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What You Need to Know About Joining Your Company’s Worker’s Compensation Policy as a Leader of the Business

The Albany, Saratoga Springs and Schenectady areas of New York have been served by the NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency for years. Our agency is used to helping people from all walks of life, including those who are the owner of their own commercial business or are a partner or corporate officer within their company.

Each independent agent at our offices is professional trained on unique situations just like yours. You probably took out a worker’s compensation policy for your business because it made sense to you to have your workers covered in case something should happen while on the job.

You may be wondering though what would happen if you yourself decided that you wanted to be covered under your business’s policy. Would your monthly premium go up? Would it be affected by the amount of money that you personally bring home or would it be affected by your entire payroll?

At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we have the answers to your questions. We can’t give you all of the specific answers in this blog, as each business owner’s situation will be unique.

But if you are located in Albany or the surrounding area, you owe it to yourself and to your employees to give us a call to discuss your worker’s compensation concerns today. Chances are, we may be able to give you an overview of your entire policy and possibly save you some money, in addition to answering your specific questions about your own coverage options. To get started call us today.