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What are the most common myths about auto insurance?

How frustrating shopping for auto insurance can be! People share their stories about auto insurance, and it is hard to tell what is true and what is false. Let’s discuss the most common auto insurance myths and debunk them together. 

Myth 1: Insuring red cars is more expensive than vehicles of other colors. 

Do you believe in that? This is fiction. Auto insurance is absolutely color-blind. What does it mean? It means that other factors affect the price of auto insurance rather than a vehicle’s color. 

Myth 2: Receiving a traffic ticket makes insurance more expensive

Yes, your insurance can become more expensive because of a traffic ticket. However, your premium won’t be affected if your violation is minor. Also, some driving schools offer classes to reduce the number of points on the license and lower your premium. You should remember, though, that if you have multiple or severe violations, the price of your coverage might change. 

Myth 3: Comprehensive coverage will cover any damage

No, it will not. It covers things not covered by other insurance types, including uninsured motorists or collisions. You should have comprehensive coverage for fire, flood, or a collision with an animal. 

There are three common misconceptions about auto insurance. Of course, there are more myths about it. Therefore, it is important to talk to different insurance companies and ask them any questions you have. If you are looking for an auto insurance policy in Albany, NY, or any other town in New York, contact the NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency. Our team is always here for you and is ready to assist.