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5 Ways to Increase Your Gas Mileage

Gas can be reasonable at time, but other times it can be extremely costly. Because of this fluctuation, you should be getting the most out of your gas mileage. There are some sensible things you can do to keep the cost down.

  1. Avoid driving aggressively. You use more gas when stopping suddenly, speeding, and accelerating quickly after a light change. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save between 5%-33% of fuel costs on city streets and highways just by being less aggressive.
  2. Watch your speed. The speed limit is there for your safety, but it also helps to enhance your fuel economy. When you begin driving over 50 mph, your gas mileage decreases rapidly. You could save approximately 14%, which means you’ll go to the pump less often.
  3. Hauling cargo can increase your weight. Take off your rooftop or rear cargo box after your long enjoyed family vacation. It can add weight to your vehicle causing an increase in your fuel output. Removing the box will make your car lighter and increase your mileage.
  4. Upgrade your old car. Cars do not become more graceful with age, if fact they eat up fuel like a raptor eats meat. Vehicles that are more than 10 years old do not have the fuel efficiency that newer models are equipped with. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average 2014 light-duty passenger vehicle had 36.4-fuel economy, while the 2004 only had 29.5.
  5. Maintain your vehicle regularly. If you see the low tire pressure signal, make sure to add air. Improperly inflated tires can drag and cause your engine to work harder. You should also change your oil every 3 months and tune-up your engine every 30,000 miles. Keeping your car maintained will increase your gas mileage and save you costly repairs down the road.

The independent insurance agents at NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency can offer some friendly advice on how to increase your gas mileage. They are also available to discuss new policies and review existing ones.