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Am I required to insure my home for the same amount as my mortgage amount in Albany, New York?

Thanks for your question about homeowners mortgage insurance requirements — it’s a very valid concern. In Albany, Schenectady, and Saratoga Springs, New York lenders do require that homeowners carry an amount of home insurance based on valuation and the lenders specific requirements.

That being said, home insurance is a complicated subject since there are a variety of different types of lenders that range from direct lenders, who are equipped to provide loans, to brokers. Direct lenders will make the final decision on your application and insurance requirements. Brokers, on the other hand, act as intermediaries with a pool of lenders from which to choose.

Play It Safe with Insurance

As we stated, there are coverage requirements from lenders. And, although there’s a current market value on your home, things change with real estate as we’ve seen with the downturn in the market. It’s inching back up again, which is good news.

As independent agents, we recommend that you make it a point to have enough insurance coverage just in case something major happens. This way, you’re covered for the total replacement cost of your home vs. just it’s current market value.

The Added Benefits of Umbrella Policies
Along with homeowners insurance, an umbrella policy can be an excellent idea if your home has high-risk items such as a swimming pool or even a trampoline. After personal policies have been depleted, these policies kick in for added protection and they tend to offer higher limits.

It’s important that you give us a call so we can discuss your circumstances. Unfortunately, an accident on your property can result in a lawsuit. If a judgment is placed against you, an umbrella policy provides coverage.