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Classic Car Insurance Rates in Rotterdam, NY

Buying car insurance for your vehicle in New York can seem complicated, but when you are trying to protect a classic or vintage car, you may have specialized options that can help. The cost of coverage is often reasonable for a classic car because of the fact that you will not drive it as often as your regular car.

Basic Coverage

Generally, classic car insurance will cover against liability concerns and specific types of problems that may arise. Since the vehicle is often kept in a garage and may not be driven on a regular basis, the cost of coverage is kept at a low rate.

Despite the details of any policy, the coverage will meet or exceed state standards. Furthermore, it may offer solutions for car shows or any accidents that occur in relation to transporting a vehicle to an auto show. You should also expect that there may be options to repair the vehicle in case an accident occurs, but every insurer is different and some will ask that you add to the basic policy to further protect the car.


The premiums that you can expect will depend on several factors, including the amount of coverage that you purchased and the details of the plan that you are considering. Furthermore, you may be required to follow strict guidelines regarding yearly mileage and storage of the vehicle to avoid any risks to the car. Ultimately, the cost is usually reasonable due to the requirements of the policy regarding driving.

There are ways to protect a classic vehicle without paying a small fortune for coverage. The key is selecting a specialized plan that meets your personal goals and needs. To learn more about your options, contact us to talk to an agent today.