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Change Insurance Provider in New York – How and When?

There are times when you will want to make changes to your insurance policy and sometimes it may even be necessary to change insurance provider. Recognizing how to change your plan to a new provider and when it is appropriate to make adjustments can help you transition to the new policy.

Comparison and Contact

The first part of changing an insurance provider is comparing new policies and selecting a plan. You should then contact your current insurance provider to tell them that you do not intend to maintain your coverage and ask for the plan to be canceled.

Make sure that the new policy will apply to your assets before your previous policy is canceled. Otherwise, you may have days when your assets are not covered. You can also request to cancel the first plan as of a specific date so that you are covered until the new policy begins.

Determining When to Make the Change

Timing for a change to your insurance provider can be important, but it is usually possible to change your policy at any time. The best time to make a change is when your current plan is about to expire and you are asked to renew the policy.

If it is not possible to wait, then you can cancel the plan in the middle of an insured period. Depending on the company, canceling may result in some small fees; however, if you have already paid for the full insured period, then you will usually receive most of the remaining amount on your account as a refund.

Several reasons can prompt you to change your insurance provider when you are facing challenges. To learn more about changing insurers and getting the plan you want, contact us to talk to an agent today.