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Does a Professional Writer Need Commercial Business Insurance?

Thanks to the popularity of the Internet, more people than ever have jumped on the freelance writing bandwagon. These people have discovered that it is quite simple to work in their pajamas from home and earn a lot of money simply by typing up content on their laptops and computers. All a person needs to enter into the world of freelance writing are excellent writing skills and a strong attentiveness to detailed instructions. Also important to have as a professional freelance writer is commercial liability insurance. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages to be gained by writers in Albany, NY when they invest in a commercial liability insurance policy. 

Understanding the Importance of Insurance for Writers

When a writer invests in liability commercial insurance, this helps protect them against claims regarding copyright and trademark infringement. Additionally, it may include coverage that relates to protecting the writer against slander and defamation. In the event that a writer is providing advice to readers, an insurance policy can protect against allegations of negligence and bad advice. 

Taking Your Job Seriously

Professional writers take their jobs very seriously. Even those who aren’t famous writers spend many hours a day completing research, followed then by creating and editing content. It is pertinent that writers of all types, though, make sure to protect both their business and personal assets and commercial liability insurance can do this. Some clients that writers produce content for may even mandate that they have certain types of liability insurance. 

If you are a freelance writer, it is imperative to protect your assets with insurance. Contact the Twin Bridges Insurance Agency today serving the Albany, NY area to learn more about insurance for writers.