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Equipment Breakdown Commercial Insurance Coverage: How It Can Help

Whether it is a computer, HVAC system, or something else entirely, your business relies on a variety of equipment to operate smoothly and efficiently. This equipment isn’t invincible, though, as it can malfunction, break down, suffer damage, etc. The good news is that NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency offers equipment breakdown coverage for Albany, NY businesses. This coverage can come in handy when an unexpected disruption from equipment occurs.

What Is Covered by Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

While your equipment may not be there when you need it all the time, equipment breakdown coverage can be. Here are a few things this type of insurance policy can do for you.

Pay to Repair/Replace Equipment

A breakdown can literally happen at any given time, and there is never a good time to have damaged items repaired/replaced since things can be pretty expensive. Luckily, this type of insurance policy can cover certain types of equipment like telephone systems, HVAC systems, electronics, and refrigeration equipment.

Cover Lost Revenue

When your equipment breaks down and causes you to close its doors until your equipment is back up and running, you will lose money. Luckily, equipment breakdown coverage will cover that revenue that you’re losing. In the event you run a restaurant or something similar, this coverage will pay to replace inventory lost as a result of an equipment breakdown.

Gap Protection

While you may have a commercial property insurance policy, some equipment damage won’t be included in that policy. That’s why additional coverage is necessary. For instance, your commercial property policy is likely to cover your equipment if it’s damaged by a storm or fire, but if it simply breaks down or fails completely, it won’t be considered a covered event. Therefore, equipment breakdown coverage offers “gap” protection and kicks in in many cases when your other policies don’t.

If you’re worried about what you would do if some of your equipment broke down or suffered significant damage, you may want to reach out to NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency to discuss equipment breakdown coverage. We can discuss how this coverage may benefit your Albany, NY business.