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Four of the best features that a life insurance policy can offer

Buying life insurance is essential if you want to make sure that your family will enjoy financial security. NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency provides life insurance to consumers in Albany, NY.

When choosing a policy, you need to familiarize yourself with life insurance policy features. Here are four of the best features that a life insurance policy can offer. 

Term length choices

If you decide to buy term life insurance, you’ll have to choose the length of your life insurance term. Term life insurance is usually sold for increments of time ranging from five to 30 years.

It would be best to determine how long your beneficiaries need coverage to choose the right term length for your situation. 

Policy loans

Consumers who purchase any type of permanent life insurance may have the option of taking out loans against their policy’s cash value. 

Death benefit amount options

When you buy life insurance, you’ll be able to select from numerous death benefit amount options. You need to choose a death benefit amount that will offer your beneficiaries adequate financial support if you pass away unexpectedly and your income is lost. 

Tax advantages

One of the best things about life insurance is its great tax advantages. Consumers should know that the death benefit from a life insurance policy is not subject to any taxes.

This means life insurance is a great way to ensure that your beneficiaries will receive financial support after you die, even if you owe taxes when you pass away. 

Do you have questions about life insurance in Albany, NY? We can provide you with the answers you want if you call us. At NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, we can offer you a quote on a life insurance policy that will offer your family financial security.