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Be a Good House Sitter: Don’t Snoop Around

If you’re house sitting in Albany, NY, you’ve been entrusted with the job of caring for someone else’s living space while they’re away. That can be a hefty job, and one that you need to carefully consider, because it shows the level of faith the homeowners have in you. One of the things some house sitters do, and that you should avoid, is snooping around. It’s natural to be a little curious, and you probably assume no one will know, but that’s not really the point. There’s no reason to go through someone else’s personal things just because they’re away.

Looking for extra bathroom tissue or paper towels makes sense, or opening a kitchen cabinet to find a pan to cook something in, but going through medicine cabinets, dresser drawers, and other out of the way places that aren’t yours should be avoided. Some homeowners have camera installed to catch these kinds of behaviors, and they may also be able to tell if the things they left behind are out of place or have been moved when they come back. You probably won’t be asked to house sit again if you’re a snoop, so make sure to avoid it if you want more house sitting work in the future.

If you do look through cabinets or other areas and happen to damage something, make sure you’re honest and up-front about it. That will make you look better, and will give the homeowners an opportunity to file an insurance claim if the item was valuable. With good coverage from NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, both homeowners and house sitters will be protected in the event of a problem. That can provide everyone involved in the house sitting transaction with good peace of mind, and help make them more comfortable with the arrangement, so they can enjoy their time away, or the time spent watching the person’s home.