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Why Are the Walls in Your Basement Cracking?

Not all homes in Albany, NY, have basements, but there are plenty that do. Basement walls are prone to cracking. In most cases, this is perfectly normal. However, when a small crack here and there turns into a very large crack or multiple cracks, then it is time to have them repaired. It can help to know what causes these cracks in your basement wall because your homeowners insurance may actually pay for the cracks to be repaired.

  1. Stress Points – This is the most common cause of small cracks in the walls and are generally nothing to worry about. They will typically occur when sewer, gas or electric lines are being installed. This is because the concrete weakens, which results in the cracking. These cracks are most noticeable around the edges and corners of the windows.

  2. Soil Saturation – This is when the soil underneath the foundation of the basement gets a little too wet. It causes the foundation to begin settling, which in turn results in wall cracks. The increased saturation could be a result of improper grading, poor guttering system or even lack of a sump pump.

  3. Concrete Shrinking – When concrete is incorrectly poured, it can result in a number of issues. This includes the cracking of your basement walls. This is why it is crucial to have a professional pour your concrete slab because they know how different variables impact the way the concrete dries.

  4. Drought – Just as too much saturation can cause cracks, too little saturation can as well. When the soil is too wet, it expands resulting in cracks. When the soil is too dry, it shrinks resulting in cracks. Although lack of rain can cause a drought and the basement cracks, it can also be a result of too many plants near your foundation.

What You Can Do About Basement Wall Cracks

If you just have a few hairline cracks here and there on your basement walls, then there really isn’t anything to worry about. However, when these cracks get longer and wider, it may be cause for concern. You should consult with your homeowners insurance company to see if the damage is covered and then hire a reputable foundation repair company to perform the necessary repairs.

If you’re unsure whether your insurance company will pay for concrete or porch damage caused by a sinking foundation, give us a call to speak to one of our independent agents who serve the Albany, NY 12203 area. We will gladly discuss with you your policy and your options.