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How Aftermarket Parts Affect Your Car Insurance Policy in Albany, New York

The auto parts that you use to repair or upgrade your vehicle could have an effect on your car insurance premiums. Here we’ll look at aftermarket parts and how these popular enhancements may potentially impact the price of your premiums in New York.

What are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts simply refer to any part on your car that wasn’t made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle. Universal parts, such as light bulbs or switches, can be classified as aftermarket parts. However, many aftermarket parts are made for the purpose of surpassing the performance of your vehicle’s original components. It is the performance-enhancing aspect of aftermarket parts that catches the attention of insurance providers.

How Do Aftermarket Parts Affect Your Premiums?

An aftermarket light bulb or wheel bearing may not have an impact on your premiums. However, aftermarket parts typically cause your insurance premiums to increase. The primary reason is that aftermarket parts increase the value of your vehicle significantly. Further, flashy upgrades to your vehicle can catch the attention of thieves or vandals.

If you upgrade your vehicle with high-performance auto parts and entertainment systems, such as a custom-built engine or a backseat gaming system, it could signify that you will engage in risky behavior on the road. Adding too many aftermarket parts to your vehicle sends a red flag to insurers.

Finding Insurance for Cars with Aftermarket Parts

An Albany area independent agent can connect Albany drivers to the best rates on premiums. Even if you have a few modifications on your car, it is possible for you to qualify for much lower auto insurance rates by simply shopping around before you select a policy. A New York independent agent offers policies from several providers so that you can gain leverage and obtain the best value on insurance for a car that has been modified with aftermarket parts. Contact us today to speak to an independent agent.