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Taking the Long Way Home: Practice Driving with Your Teen

As your children get older, they will get to a point where they want to get out and about with their friends. Until they get their driver’s license, you’ll be the one toting your teen and his friends around town. After he gets his permit, though, it becomes time to start letting him get in plenty of practice before he starts venturing out on their own. If your teen already has his permit, make sure you start taking the long way home and let him drive. The more practice he has, the safer he’ll be as a teen driver. Here’s a look at two other tips you can follow to make sure your teen stays safe on the road.

Understand all knobs, switches, and buttons

Many newer cars these days have more than a just a few buttons, knobs, and switches, and unfortunately, many people drive cars for years without knowing how to control all of their car’s features. You should make sure to set aside time for showing your teen what each button does. From understanding how the windshield wipers work to being able to work parking and fog lights, the more your teen understands the car’s safety features, the safer he’ll be as a driver. 

Perform regular maintenance

Whether it be you or your teen driver having regular maintenance performed on his car, it’s important that it gets done. Without regular maintenance, the engine will likely sputter and the tires and wheels will be unsafe to drive on. 

For more tips on keeping your teen safe when behind the wheel, contact NY Twin Bridges Insurance agency today.