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Should You Add a Parent to Your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you are an adult who lives with your parents or frequently allows a parent to use your car, it may be a good idea to add a parent to your auto insurance policy. In fact, people often add family members to their auto insurance policies, and there are many good reasons for this.

NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency understands that you want to protect your property as well as your loved ones. Here’s what you need to know about adding your parents to your insurance policy in Albany, NY.

Protect Yourself Legally

As much as you might worry about covering the costs of a car if your parent gets into a car accident, you should also understand that you could still have liability for injuries and property damage caused by others. For example, you could be sued as the owner of a vehicle if you don’t have insurance to cover the injuries your parent caused.

Consider Your Parent’s Driving Habits

If your parent has a history of being involved in certain types of accidents, take this into account when you choose an insurance policy you want to add them to. For instance, you might want to add comprehensive insurance if you know that your parent often parks near a shopping art coral, potentially putting your vehicle at higher risk of dings.

Speak With an Insurance Agent

Before you make any decision about adding a family member to your insurance policy, you should speak with an insurance professional. NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency provides auto insurance for many Albany, NY residents. If you want to discuss putting a family member on your auto policy, our team can help you discuss the choice.