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What Happens if my New York State Vehicle is not Inspected?

In the state of New York, residents are required to obtain an annual vehicle inspection. Even if residents are new to Albany or other areas of the state, an inspection is required within ten days of registering the vehicle. When an inspection is overlooked, Saratoga Springs or Schenectady residents can face unexpected consequences.


The obvious consequence of avoiding a car inspection is the fine. When a police officer notices that a vehicle is late on an inspection or does not have an inspection sticker, a ticket is given to the driver or owner of the vehicle. The cost of the ticket will depend on the delay on the inspection process.

Fines will generally range from $25 to $100 in the state of New York. It will cost $25 if the inspection is late by 60 or less. If the vehicle is not inspected for a longer period of time, then residents will need to pay $100 in additional fees. The state will also charge $55 in surcharges, which are added to the basic fine.

Losing the Right to Register

If the car is not inspected after receiving a ticket, then the state reserves the right to refuse to re-register the vehicle in the future. This will usually only happen if the offense is repeated or the inspection is put off for a long period of time.

Although auto insurance can seem like the most important consideration when driving a motor vehicle, it is only one aspect of the process. Residents will also need to register the car with the state and go through the emissions inspection to avoid unnecessary fees. To learn more about New York inspections and state laws, contact us to speak to an independent agent today.