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What is Excess Liability Insurance in New York? Who Should Buy It?

New York residents in Albany or Saratoga Springs will find that it is sometimes necessary to obtain additional coverage to protect personal assets, savings and property from large losses. Excess liability coverage is a great way to provide more protection in certain situations.

What the Insurance Covers

Most homeowners policies and auto policies will provide some general liability coverage. That coverage will meet or exceed the state standards, but it might not be enough to pay for all medical expenses and property damage that occurs in the event of an accident. Excess liability is the type of coverage that provides a greater amount of protection when an accident is caused by the vehicle owner or the homeowner.

The insurance covers basic liability needs, but offers great amount of funds in case an accident occurs. It will help pay for medical expenses, property repairs or the replacement of property if the cause of the accident was the fault of the vehicle or homeowner.

Who Needs Coverage

Not every resident of Schenectady will need additional liability coverage. While it might not be necessary for every individual or family, it is useful when a basic plan has gaps in protection or when the amount of funds provided in the event of an accident are not enough to pay for basic problems. The state minimum requirements are only a basic protection, but it is not always enough to pay for medical costs, repairs or other expenses that are related to accidents, car crashes or falls on a personal property.

Getting excess liability coverage is useful in certain situations. The key is recognizing when it is appropriate to protect personal assets and when it is not the right coverage for the situation. An independent agent can help if you are not sure about the appropriate amount of liability coverage you need.