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When Can Auto Insurance Help the Most?

Auto insurance policies are full of clauses that seem to be written to confuse rather than instruct. There are too many possible events to cover in just one policy, which is why it may seem a little vague. If you live in Albany, NY, and want to know more about how auto insurance helps you in the most dire of situations, then read on for more information. 

When You Injure Someone Else

Every driver makes mistakes, but some errors are worse than others. Injury on the road is serious, and depending on the person you hit, can mean many bills and accusations stemming from the original incident. For example, if a person has chronic back pain after the accident, they may continue to file claims for months later. Insurance keeps you legal without having to pay those costs out of pocket. 

If You Need to Get to Work 

Just one accident can become a mess of non-stop logistical problems that wind up getting in the way of your everyday life. While your errands can likely wait, your job really can’t. And your boss probably has so much patience for late arrivals. Insurance keeps you from having to rely on other people or an often unreliable public transportation system. It also means that you can rest easy about keeping your income. 

At the Worst of Times 

Accidents can make us all very upset, but not having someone to turn to can just make it worse. The residents in Albany, NY need a partner they can trust, which is why our agents are people you can trust when you’re feeling extremely vulnerable. Let someone else take over some of the worst details, so you can concentrate on getting back to your life.