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Which roofing materials qualify for discounts while buying home insurance in Albany, New York?

Are you an Albany area homeowner and wondering how you can reduce the cost of your home insurance premiums? Making upgrades to your home is a good way that you can win the favor of insurers and reduce your rates. The roof is a key area you should focus on when making insurance-reducing upgrades. The roof is your home’s last line of defense during a storm, and the materials that your roof is made of determine how well your roof will stand up to stress over time. Make your home safer and your insurance premiums lower with the following impact resistant roofing materials.

Class 4 Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are categorized into classes that measure their impact resistance. Class 4 materials are the sturdiest and can qualify you for the best discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. Class 4 materials are highly resistant to hail and should protect your roof from cracking during a storm.

In the order of strength, Class 4 roofing materials include asphalt, wood shake, metal, and synthetic shingles. Of these materials, asphalt is the strongest material you can purchase.

Class 3 Roofing Materials

If Class 4 roofing materials are cost prohibitive, you may opt for Class 3 roofing materials. While these materials won’t impress your insurers as much as Class 4 materials, you may still qualify for a substantial discount. The two Class 3 roofing materials you can choose from are concrete or clay.

Qualifying for Your Discount

Before spending all of your money on upgrading your roof, contact your New York insurer to determine what documentation you need to obtain to qualify for a credit on your homeowner’s insurance. An experienced contractor can help you identify and select Class 4 and Class 3 roofing materials for you house.

If you are between policies or searching for your first homeowner’s insurance policy, an independent agent in the Albany area can help you find a carrier with generous credits for roof upgrades. Independent agents like us carry policies from multiple insurance companies and can help you obtain the best plan to reduce the price of your homeowner’s insurance.