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Crossing The Line: Does Your Auto Insurance Change When You Leave Your Home State?

Bags Are Packed – Let’s Go! – But Wait – Are We Insured?

When you are going on vacation, a road trip, or any time that you cross the state line of the state in which you reside the last thing you are thinking of is whether or not your car is insured. NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency agents are trained and equipped to assist you in answering that question way before the first bag is packed. If you handle it first you won’t have to think about it and can focus on the drive ahead. 

The answer to the question has some complexities that is why it is critical to speak with a professional. While some states vary on the state-to-state coverage issue, in general the rule is the same no matter if you live in Albany, NY, the surrounding areas in NY or in other states across the country: your automobile insurance policy will cover you across state lines. The comprehensiveness of this coverage will vary depending on the type of accident you and your car are involved in. Some state laws may supersede aspects of your policy depending upon the incident or accident. 

Another aspect of travel that many policyholders are not aware of is the insurance responsibility in the event that you rent a car. Many purchase extra insurance through the rental company unnecessarily. Contact us to find out what to do before you rent.

NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency is a multi-service agency servicing the Albany, NY and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about what is covered and what is not. It is always better to do this before the accident, before the trip; in short contact us before you need to file a claim.