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Defenses for a Stop Sign Violation

If a police officer pulls you over and accuses you of running a stop sign, you may think that there is no way you can fight the ticket. After all, it is your word against theirs. However, a stop sign violation can result in your auto insurance rates increasing, as well as costing you money for a fine. Fortunately, there are a few defenses you can use for this type of violation. Here are a few defenses you can use for a stop sign violation in the Albany, NY area.

The Sign Was Obstructed

In some cases, a tree or other item may have been obstructing the sign. If you could not see the sign, you may have a defense. Be sure to take pictures of the obstructed sign to prove your case.

The Police Office Wasn’t Positioned To See You Stop

In some cases, you may stop a bit behind the stop sign line. If a police officer is hidden down a side street, they may have not been at the right angle to see you stop a few feet back from that line. You can use this defense in court by taking pictures of the angle the cop would have seen and showing why they could not have seen you stop from there.

It Was Unsafe to Stop

The last defense you have to a stop sign violation is that is was unsafe to stop. Was it pouring down rain and you had someone following behind you too closely when you ran the stop sign? If so, you may have a defense. If you stopped at the sign, the driver behind you may have slid into you and caused an accident. These cases are hard to prove but you may be able to convince a judge you didn’t stop to protect yourself from an accident or injury.

If you have received a ticket for a stop sign violation and your insurance rates have increased because of it, you may be looking around for a new policy. NY Twin Bridges Insurance Agency, serving the greater Albany, NY area, would love to help you with all of your auto insurance needs. Swing by our office or give us a ring today for a price quote.