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What is pay as you go auto insurance in Albany, New York?

Auto drivers in Albany city, Schenectady or Saratoga Springs, New York are offered with the lowest auto insurance rates possible by offering pay as you go plans. These are some of the latest plans in the auto insurance industry.

Unlike conventional auto insurance plans, where drivers simply estimate how many miles they drive each month or year, pay as you go auto insurance plans track precisely how many miles a driver travels. Drivers are billed only for the miles they travel; they will never pay for overestimating. The idea behind this policy is that the greatest risk of an accident is when a vehicle is being driven, so drivers should only pay for when they drive. The car is still covered, though, when it is parked in a driveway or parking lot.

Many drivers are already using these plans to save money on their premiums. Obviously, drivers who do not drive too far or too often can save a lot of money with this type of plan. Families that have multiple cars, however, also stand to benefit. Even if a family puts many miles on their vehicles each year, they can use this plan to lower the premiums on one car. We can easily set up a pay as you go plan for a single vehicle, and then you can only drive that vehicle when it is absolutely necessary. Many families find it easy to use one less car most of the time and have a second as a backup.

If you would like more information about these new auto insurance plans, contact us. As an independent agent, we are able to shop around for the best pay as you go plans available.